Wright Family Trading Company

As humanity slowly started to crawl its way out from disaster, many returned to former large cities to reclaim the remnants of technology that they lost. Many died in the process, falling victim to radiation or mutant beasts, but those who escaped danger found wonders from the old world, and prospered.

This is the fate of the the Wright family, who returned to the ruins of what was once Duluth. They combed the ruins, and not only found many tools that they could use, they began trading their goods to the small number of settlements beginning to form in what was once northern Minnesota. Over the decades, the Wright Family Trading Company has expanded to include not only members of the family itself, but also hundreds of employees who scour the landscape for scrap, protect caravans, and provide other support roles. The actually buying and selling is still reserved for members of the Wright family, which now includes several brances.

The Wright family were not the only ones with this idea, and early on several other scavengers and traders attempted to compete with the Wright Family, but they family did not tolerate friendly competition. They Wright Company either convinced traders to work for them, pushed them out of the territory, or the rival traders are executed “for the crime of unlicensed trading.”

Though they still see themselves a business, the Wright Company has become a de facto government, which controls a small town with the apt (if unimaginative name) of Wright Town. Like most company towns, most of the employees who live there are constantly in debt, since the Wright Company (which operates all the stores in town) set prices to squeeze all they can out of their employees. Most of the employees are salvagers, and while they are paid based on what they find (and only if they find something), the Wright Family considers all the salvage in the town to be their property, and anybody who “steals” from them is put to death.

Wright Family Traits

Wright Cousin: +1 to skill checks involved with bartering. Begin play with additional funds.
Salvager: +1 to Perception and Appraise checks dealing with prewar goods.

Wright Family Trading Company

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