Iron Shelter

The iron shelter is so named because it was converted from a former underground iron mine. Before the Last War, a group of academics and scientists forsaw the very real threat of nuclear and refitted the mine with generators air recycling system. They stockpiled food and set up a section with powerful lamps for indoor gardening

When the missiles flew, the Iron Shelter closed itself off from the outside world, and the hundred inhabitants were spared the destruction that followed. For decades everything proceeded as planned. Through careful rationing and proper recycling the shelter continued completely cut off from the world outside.

The shelter is guided by an elected council of five members. Though all are theoretically equal in power, their are two clear leaders of the council, Jack Reynolds, and Samantha Vang. Both have served for over a decade, and while both truly care about the health of their community, the frequently clash with each other about how best to ensure the community’s safety.

The inhabitants of the shelter spend most of their time maintaining the shelters electrical and mechanical equipment, tending to the indoor gardens, and studying the massive libraries left by the shelter’s founders. Though the shelter is filled with books and computer files describe nearly every aspect of pre-war life, none who currently live in the shelter remember seeing the sky.

But all that is about to change. The ruling council has decided that the time has come explore to the world beyond. Ostensibly this scouting mission was triggered because radiation levels above have dropped to low enough levels that they no longer pose a threat to humans, but rumors abound that there is another reasons that the council refuses to tell.

Iron Shelter Traits

Hydroponic: Gardener +1 Proffesion (farmer), +1 Survival to find food.
Lost in the Library: All knowledge skills class skills, gain double bonus from books and libraries.
Medic: +1 To heal.

Iron Shelter

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