Axe Tribe

National parks had little strategic military value, so when the End Times came, the boundary waters parks between Minnesota and Ontario fared much better than most. Many who survived the initial attack fled to these area. Slowly the met up and formed communities. One such band is the Axe Tribe, named after their favorite weapon and tool.

The Axe tribe lives off the land, hunting fishing, and gathering. They are also very talented wood craftsmen and if it can be made of wood, they can probably build it. They are particularly adept and making dug-out canoes, which they use to to navigate the lakes and rivers of their homeland. They are semi-nomadic, and move their homes with the season. All members of the tribe are expected to know how to wield an axe, both in battle and to fall trees, and at large gathering, tree chopping is a favorite competition.

Most members of the axe tribe are human, though any who can prove themselves worthy are inducted into the clan, including a good number of freaks, and even a few simians. The Tribe reveres most with psioinic powers as blessed by the gods, however they fear telepathic abilities and see the power to pry into others minds as an evil power.

The Axe Tribe’s spiritual beliefs are an eclectic hodgepodge of many pre-war religions, but one especially notable element is their reverence for Palbun. They believe that he is a giant who one roamed the earth accompanied by his blue steer. His skill with the axe are legendary. The Axe Tribe has crafted many statues of Palbun at holy sites, but the holiest of all are the statues that survive from before the war.

As the axe tribe has grew, it split into several smaller bands that number anywhere between two dozen to and two hundred members. All of the bands are freindly toward each other and tribesfolk are encouraged to marry from other bands. PCs are most likely to come from the Fire Band, the southern most band in the Axe Tribe. Youngsters from the Fire Band frequently go on exploration missions to discover the lands to the south.

Axe Tribe Traits

Wood Worker: Craft +1 to craft involving wood. AND? Fast crafting woods? Free tools?
Hatchet Thrower: Gain benefit of Far Shot when using weapons from axe group. OR +5 feet per increment with axes.?
Free axe?
Woodlander: +1 to Stealth in woodland and +1 Survival in woodlands.

Axe Tribe

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