Billy Sampsonson

Easy going Simian who loves his people and his mushrooms. Probably best not to get him mad at you.



Curious-Must check out everything and solve all mysteries (Major)
Quirk (Uses as much of a kill as possible) (Minor)
Vengeful-Seeks to right all wrongs against him (Minor)


Axe Fighter
Two Fisted


Billy was a foundling adopted at an early age by Sampson of the Axe Tribe. He doesn’t know anything of living with Simians other than the few who have also been accepted into the Tribe. Billy, as he was named by Sampson, was treated well by his adoptive father and began to learn his father’s trade as provider for the camp. Billy learned to forage and to hunt. He came to know it was a crime to waste any of the prey he brought down in his hunts. Somewhere along the line, Billy learned of the old naming customs of taking the family name of the father with the suffix “-son”. To honor his adoptive father and to express his love and gratitude, Billy adopted that custom as well. A great passion of Billy’s is exploration. His favorite pasttime is roaming the forests learning the ways of the trails and streams. The questions “What’s over that hill” and “What’s around that bend” are constant companions for Billy.

Billy Sampsonson

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