Broken Earth

Trading in Wright Town

I thought we had a great session last night. Connie was happy to be able to sort of ease into the system a bit. She thinks it will help her not get overwhelmed, and she rocks in combat. The burst wolves were a neat enemy to fight.

Trading in Wright Town went well, I thought. We secured the release of Cray and convinced her sister to come along, so we have a jump on the next generation of our community as well. We secured 300 foods and two horses, along with the tools and weapons we were able to salvage from the bygone Axe Camp. We also made some important connections with both Cal and Jack Wright and the secretive Lem, seed stock is well in hand. We are down one revolver, but I think the horses will make up for that in the work they will be able to do.

We learned that the area across the river from Wright Town was good for salvage, but subject to Wright approval.

At the end of this session we talked about return to Rapid Town and scouting for evidence of the threat from raiders close to home. All information along those lines will be good information.



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