Broken Earth

May 17th Session

Fighting Those Dam Bugs

Last session we pressed deeper into the dam. I first checked out the hole in the room with the weak floor and found some kind of utility room. There were tools in there, so I snagged them. They will need some cleaning up, but they should work just fine.

Then we found some stairs that went to a corridor with rooms off the side. We killed more cockroaches in this hallway before comming to a door at the end.

This door opened up into a large corridor with lots of machines and thigs. Our Not Posh guide thought these were what we were looking for, but a voice from the darkness challenged us. Upon exploration, we found the voice was coming from a dude in a robe surrounded by lots more giant roaches. He thought he was some sort of roach master. We tried to parlay with him, but that didn’t go over too well. In the end, he turned out to be the master of our provisions. We got lots of food reserves out of the roaches we killed in there.

Doc and Grumpus wouldn’t let me cut up the Roach Master for steaks, though. Just no pleasing some people. He turned out to be a Burned One, so Polly might have had a problem with that. Maybe it was for the best not cutting steaks out of him, but I still think Polly might have been fine with extra helpings of roach.

It’s going to take a few trips back and forth to cart the dam parts we need to our place. I’m hoping we can delegate that to some others. I’m anxious to get out and check for those raider guys. Not knowing where they are is really starting to bug me.



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