Broken Earth

Building Our Community

This last session was primarily spent learning how to build up our community. It was in interesting time learning the ins and outs of community management. We bought some food from the Wright Brothers caravan to help stay ahead of our growing needs. Doc laid the groundwork for the furtherance of his alcohol habit and I planted some mushrooms to begin my rise as a supplier of formerly controlled substances.

The not posh woman, Chelsea, showed us that she could go into a building and shrink down to appear inside the talking flashlight. It was magic. She then traveled down a coiled wire into an even smaller box that when she was in it, we had to say “over” to her a lot. I didn’t make the rules.

I went out scouting within half a days hike from our settlement, but found no sign of encroachment from the bad guys. We did find four more folks who wanted to join our burgeoning community. Even more may show up next month.

Although, I am eager to get out and explore further to be certain where those bad guys are, and possibly take their heads from that place to another place, we as a group decided that it would be better to get the dam up and working so we can travel between the magic shrunken boxes with more ease. We went to another nearby dam to find some of the bits we need to fix our dam. There we met with some dinner. I don’t really know what the dam thing is all about, but at least it is a chance to explore. Looking forward to more of that.

And, if we do it right, Doc may get to use the towel some more, though I’m not certain he knows what to do with it. Humans can be weird.



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